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Richard Reinhardt

Vice President, F&H Solutions Group LLC.

Richard Reinhardt Reinhardt has been a management consultant for over thirty years and is Vice President of F&H Solutions Group LLC. He assists clients in achieving a more effective organizational structure and climate to ensure greater success. His clients are profit and non-profit organizations throughout the United States along with some work being performed internationally. He uses his management knowledge, experience and various management tools, such as the Employee Opinion Survey, to objectively assess the employee relations climate within the organizational. He was a primary developer of the Survey instrument and process.

He has been quoted on organizational and employee relations matters in various publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Business Week. Richard earned his B.S. from the University of Tennessee and a Masters Degree from the University of Oklahoma. He performed graduate work beyond his Masters with a Ford Foundation grant, and taught at the university level prior to becoming a management consultant. Before joining FordHarrison/F&H Solutions Group, he co-founded a management consulting firm that was named by Consultants News to be among the top 100 management consulting firms in the nation.

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Employee Opinion Survey - Why, Why Not, When and How

Employee attitudes affect quality, productivity and service. Millions of dollars can be spent on improving the product, equipment or the operation and additional revenue can be allocated to marketing and public relations. However, if the attitudes of the employees are negative then the investments in these other areas will never produce their expected return. To quote Fred Smith, Founder & Chairman of FedEx - "Customer Service is Directly Related to Employee Satisfaction.

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