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Brian Perlberg

Executive Director & Counsel, ConsensusDocs

Brian Perlberg is Executive Director and Senior Counsel for ConsensusDocs, a coalition of 40+ construction organizations dedicated to drafting best practice construction contracts. Mr. Perlberg serves on the ABA Forum on the Construction Industry Steering Committee for the Contract Documents, National Construction Dispute Resolution Committee (NCDRC) of the Arbitration Association of America (AAA), the Advisory Board to Construction SuperConference, and WPL Publishing.

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What Contractors Need to Know About AIA A201 and Consensus Docs Contracts

What are the top things you need to consider changing to standard construction contracts, as well as filling out the blanks correctly! Consequential Damages? Payment Terms? Project Financial Information, Termination? Dispute Mitigation Procedures? The answer is you need to be aware of all the top terms to stay on top of your game.

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