Speaker Profile

Tamara K. Strickland

Virtual Workplace Advocate, Out-of-the-Office.com

Tamara K. Strickland was challenged as a new manager in 1988 as she did not share an office with her new team but, instead, her team members were located across the United States. This became a pattern in Tamara’s management career in that she has never been co-located with her teams. This unique experience of building high-performing virtual teams, long before technology or theories were readily available to support the virtual workplace, allows Tamara to bring Fortune 500 experience to assist organizations in making a successful transition to a virtual workplace. Her expertise is focused on topics to help organizations create a successful virtual workplace: Virtual Management Skills and High Performing Virtual Teams.

Tamara proudly serves as a Vice President of a Fortune 500 organization and is a passionate advocate for the Virtual Workplace. Currently, Tamara has a high performing Virtual Team that is located across the US and this team continues to exceed set goals and expectations of the organization. Tamara has consulted with businesses focused on obtaining outstanding results in the virtual workplace to include telework, outsourcing and offshoring. She has worked with organizations in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom on Operational Efficiencies and Virtual Workplace and Management topics. Tamara holds an MBA and professional certifications in both Change Management and Business Process Management.

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