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Selling to Multicultural Customers


The U.S. demographics are quickly becoming more ethnically diverse and more distinctive with regards to cultural needs and values among the various emerging ethnic groups. According to the U.S. Census, ethnic consumers currently comprise nearly 30 percent of the U.S. population. By the year 2040, or so, this percentage will increase to almost 50%! The explosion of these ethnic populations is creating enormous marketing opportunities that wield great purchasing power.

Smart marketers will make every effort to attract and retian these lucrative ethnic markets by developing effective sales and marketing strategies. These markets are unique in many ways, have certain norms and values and congregant habits that make them easy to identify. Yet these same habits can backfire if you don't know how to properly communicate and relationship build within these communities. Learn how to create affinity campaign strategies that will help you increase your response rate.

Simply translating an ad into another language is NOT THE SAME.This webinar will teach you why. It's a complex market but this webinar will teach you how to navigagate away from trecherous waters and come into the safe harbor of profits by properly adapting to cultural nuances in these market segments. You'll learn the difference between: cultural affinity, acculturation and assimilation, cultural sensitivity and cultural acceptability. Is it Hispanic or Latino? Join us and find out...

Why should you attend:

  • Carlos Conejo, expert demographer and Multicultural Sales and marketing Guru will teach you the secrets to tapping these lucrative markets!
  • We will focus on the "Top Three" fastest growing market segments. The Hispanic, African-American, and Asian markets.
  • Learn how to properly open doors in these communities, how to get past the gate-keepers, how to know if you are dealing with the decision maker, the Genral, or merely a Lieutenant.
  • Avoid typical Faux pas that can cost you and your organization MILLIONS of dollars in lost revenue and damage control.
  • Learn how to effectively leverage community-based marketing and why it works so well in these markets

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • U.S. Demographics 2013 through 2040
  • The Top 20 Exploding populations, but we'll focus on the "Top Three"
  • Surprise: Not just in the "sun-belt" anymore
  • Hispanic or Latino which one is it?
  • A culture or a race: Which one is it?
  • Maps of population growth for these three emerging market segments
  • Sub-segmentation
  • Median Age
  • Understanding Acculturation and Assimilation
  • Affinity and Relationship Building
  • Effective Strategies and messages to increase your response rates
  • Needs and Values
  • Getting past the gate-keepers

Who Will Benefit:
  • President
  • CEO, COO, CFO,
  • Vice Presidents of Sales and Marketing
  • Sales Representatives
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Human Resources VP's
  • Managers

Speaker Profile
Carlos Conejo Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, presents proven strategies that can be implemented by serious, transformation-oriented organizations as they pursue serious growth and expansive initiatives. Conejo’s style is high-energy and highly-interactive. He presents the material in a no nonsense way, lucidly delivering practical take-away experiences and “best practices” that can be immediately implemented and shared with regard to specific examples from corporate America that have been used to drive all levels of the organization. Carlos Conejo is a highly sought after management consultant, speaker and author on workforce and organizational development.

Mr. Conejo conducts major work internationally in the areas of organizational development teambuilding, Lean and Six Sigma Methodologies. In 2004, he was named one of the top U.S. Hispanic speakers by the independent firm of MarketData. A graduate of Pepperdine and Villanova Universities. Mr. Conejo has held successful careers in Sales, Marketing and Product Management for almost 20 years. He has a booming management consulting practice in Thousand Oaks, California. Mr. Conejo has been lecturing and consulting internationally on management, supervision, organizational development, and multicultural issues in Canada, Puerto Rico, and The United Kingdom, presenting to thousands of people from various organizations and companies.

He has also been featured on the Lifetime Channel, KNBC-TV, and numerous other national television and radio shows. Many corporations and associations have successfully utilized his book titled, Motivating Hispanic Employees: A Practical Guide to Understanding & Managing Hispanic Employees.

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