6-Hour Virtual Seminar

6-Hour Virtual Seminar on Private Practice Essentials - Tools for Starting and Developing Practice

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Howard Baumgarten

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This day long webinar aims to train practitioners who already own a private practice are just getting started, or thinking about starting a practice.  Three general areas of focus lasting approximately 2 hours each will be discussed. These three areas include Practice Evaluation and Success Preparation, Program Development & Diversification, and Securing Your Future.  Each section will introduce new ideas and strategies for making your practice highly meaningful and extremely successful.  

You will begin with a comprehensive personal and professional evaluation of your practice, or practice ideas.  This exercise will occur through the development of your own individualized private practice business plan.  Building a solid individualized plan will be a central focus throughout the entire program.  In the early stages of the training we will assess where you are in your practice development process. 

Utilization of techniques for assessment that are rooted both in business experience and research as well as years of teaching a curriculum on this topic will bring a wealth of experience in helping the participant develop a successful plan.  Further attention on organization and practice management techniques will be introduced and participants will be able to create a business structure in practice that works when it comes to systems management.  This first segment will introduce the ever-important concepts of marketing and networking for clients, including how and where you locate and bring in the right type of clients for your practice specialties.  

Part two of the training aims to help the owner develop their specialties and clinical passions to further enrich their practice.  Specific focus on clinical and business diversifications will assist in further developing a unique plan that builds value into clinical practice, improving client outcomes, job satisfaction, and financial stability.  One manner in which healthcare practices diversify is by working with 3rd party payers, such as managed care organizations, Medicaid, Medicare, and other payers.   You will learn how to work with these payers in a manner that improves your referrals, while increasing your overall bottom line. 

Finally, in this segment of the training, participants will have an opportunity to create and implement a more focused niche within their practice.  "Specialization within diversification" is a strategy that is paramount in the success of private practice.  You will learn exactly why specializing is so valuable to your work, the tools and systems you need to specialize, and how to integrate your specializations into your daily work while continuing to treat in other areas within clinical competency.

In the last portion of the training, participants gain access to professional and personal security strategies that will carry their practice into a promising future, while building a financial foundation to help grow the personal side of life, including family planning, home buying, college and retirement planning, investing, leisure, and other valuable personal goals.  New macro-processes for managing and moving forward are introduced, while a summary of strategies provides a review for participants.  During this review, the participant will make time to make adjustments to written business plans, along with a commitment to complete the plan shortly after the conclusion of the program as a homework assignment. 

Last, each participant will explore what helps maintain balance in order to do the hard work of treating patients, running a business, while experiencing a gratifying personal life.  Ideas are shared about ways to avoid burnout and compassion fatigue, while maintaining good healthy balance.  

The program concludes with a description of the snapshot of an entrepreneur in the health care field, including what qualities and processes it takes to be "The Ultimate Entrepreneur."  Comments and questions will conclude the program.  

Finally, you don't have to be in a place of "struggle or challenge" to attend this training.  Many who don't struggle with such challenges utilize the tools and strategies in this training for guidance and support, despite being extremely intelligent and/or experienced in business ownership.  These practice individuals are looking for extra support, an "extra set of eyes" to help provide oversight on what is already being done.  They are also often seeking new ideas on how to create more efficiency, without losing quality, and/or more quality without losing efficiency.  If you fall into this category, this training will be helpful. 

Why you should attend

Starting a private practice in the mental health, medical, and/or specialty care field is a daunting journey, especially on the business side.  Many practitioners dream of opening a practice and never get started for fear of a lack of business acumen.  And, of those that do start a practice, numerous fail to reach target goals financially within the first three to five years.  Some are so distraught over finding client referrals, and stuck with dwindling finances while trying to get their business off the ground that they end up closing their practice shortly after beginning.   

As financial markets, social and political climates, and technology change, so do the challenges of being successful at private practice.  Even seasoned practitioners are stifled by such change and the consequential experience of blocks to their practice's success.  Existing systems that worked before are now no longer effective, and providers scratch their head wondering what to do next as they watch their bottom line suffer, along with business confidence, and the lack of work itself. 

While it may be difficult to acknowledge experiencing trouble with existing practice challenges, seasoned professionals who own their professional business issues and seek help to re-work key strategic and structural systems give themselves a greater chance at adapting to external changes by attending this training and implementing new ideas and changing existing failed strategies.  Similarly, new practice owners or those who are just getting started will benefit greatly through learning new concepts and steps toward creating a successful practice foundation that will provide an abundance of relevant referrals and help you manage your business in a highly effective manner.  

Who Will Benefit

Healthcare service professionals who wish to or already own, operate, or administer private group and/or individual healthcare practices:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Mental Health Practitioners
  • Healthcare Technicians 
  • Occupational and Speech Therapists
  • Social Workers
  • Psychologists
  • Professional Counselors
  • Marriage & Family Therapists
  • Nutritionists
  • Chiropractors
  • Other Health Care Specialty Providers
  • Also, Healthcare Managers, Administrators and Coordinators of Struggling Existing, Start up and new Practices and Outpatient Clinics/Agencies will benefit

Practice Evaluation & Success Preparation

  • The Business Plan
    • Elements of a plan
    • Preparing your individualized plan
  • Organizing and managing the practice
    • Organization and management 
    • Productivity improvement
    • Systemic business approach
    • 5 Keys to efficiency
  • Networking/Marketing
    • Distinguished networks and smart marketing
    • How and where to get clients
    • Client retention strategies

Program Development & Diversification

  • Working with Managed Care and other 3rd Parties
    • Brief history
    • Getting on panels
    • Verifying benefits/authorizations/claims & billing
    • Re-credential
    • Rate negotiation
    • The value of working with managed care
    • Third Party Payers
  • Developing Your Specialties
    • Bulls eyes and beyond
  • Diversification through creative programming
    • Explore diversification models
    • Diversification in individual business plans

Securing your future!

  • Financial growth and management
    • Professional experts
    • Strategies for managing finances
    • Insurance
    • Protection of assets
  • Ongoing Growth and Practice Development
    • The business plan reviewed
    • Diversification
    • Learning through success & failure
    • Mentorship
    • Avoiding burn out
    • Ultimate entrepreneur!
  • Comments, Questions, Feedback/Evaluation

Speaker Profile
Howard Baumgarten is a Licensed Professional Counselor, author, consultant, speaker, wellness and small business-training expert, and owner of a successful mental health private practice in Lakewood, Colorado. He is the founder of Smart Practice Central, a healthcare business-building platform that values intelligent, ethical, and clinically minded practice development, and provides clinical practice business consultation and trainings to private practices and healthcare agencies. Howard has lectured throughout the country on the integration of mental health and business, focusing on practice development, working within managed care systems and the impacts of the Affordable Care Act on mental health care. He is the author of Private Practice Essentials: Business Tools for Mental Health Professionals, a guide to starting and successfully managing mental health practice.

In 2003, he developed and implemented the first practice building business curriculum in a graduate level-counseling program in the country at the University of Colorado, where he taught this curriculum for twelve years. He is the former Director of Network Relations for Westside Behavioral Care, Inc., a clinical group practice he helped build into one of Colorado's largest outpatient behavioral health practices. Howard routinely consults and trains businesses and organizations across a variety of industries in areas including managing stress, building resilience, creating work/life balance, burnout prevention, and other wellness related topics.

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