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Adam Marker

Associate Attorney, The Goldsmith Law Firm LLC

Adam Marker has been practicing employment law for over ten years. His primary expertise is in evaluating employee grievances and determining what legal actions may be taken to address those grievances. He and the law firm in which he works primarily represents employees, thereby making him particularly skilled at assessing what human resources practices are more likely than others to lead to employee complaints and employer liability and which are more likely to prevent discrimination complaints or findings of discrimination

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What Do HR Managers Need to Know About Workplace Bullying

HR professionals can find themselves in the middle of employee litigation when they are unaware of the laws that apply to workplace disputes. They may make mistakes that cause liability despite good faith efforts to sympathize and respond adequately to employee concerns. This session is important to any HR professional or manager looking to properly address allegations of bullying in the workplace. We will clarify what the law says about bullying in the workplace and what courts expect managers to do about it to avoid incurring employer liability.

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