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Douglas H. Duerr

Partner, Elarbee

Douglas Duerr has been advising and representing employers in labor relations and employment matters since 1990. He has handled labor cases before the National Labor Relations Board, the United States Circuit Court of Appeals, and union grievance arbitrations in addition to advising employers on union elections (representation and decertification) and collective bargaining. In addition, he has advised employers on issues of labor relations and general employment issues. His experience includes manufacturing, professional, transportation, and service industries.

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How The National Labor Relations Act Applies To Non-Union Workplaces

This webinar introduces employers with union-free workplaces to the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), which is generally perceived as governing only unionized workplaces, and how it impacts even employers without unions. This is a rapidly changing area of the law, which catches many employers and even some employment law experts by surprise.

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