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Neil Strodel

Vice President, Benefit Consultants Group

Neil Strodel has more than 30 years of experience, specializing in human capital issues with a focus on benefits and human resources. He holds a degree in Industrial Labor Relations from Cornell University, as well as his MBA from Syracuse University.

Neil’s career encompasses substantial experience in both the private sector and higher education arenas. Within the private sector, Neil held key positions with Black Clawson, Goulds Pumps Inc. and Syracuse China Corp.
He then brought his practical experience to the higher education space, joining Syracuse University, where he spent the next 14 years. During his tenure with Syracuse, Neil led the university’s H.R. transformation to become an award winning, pace setting, strategic partner serving its more than 8,600 employees. He also served as the architect for change in many human capital areas including employee benefits strategies and relationship strategies with the university’s union and non-union employees. Under his leadership, Syracuse University was recognized regionally and nationally as an employer of choice.

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Developing an Employee Benefits Strategy - Key Factors

Attracting and retaining the best talent remains one of the most important and competitive challenges facing businesses today. Since very few organizations can afford to pay above market salaries, the right approach to total compensation can multiply the value of your benefits package. Redefine your benefits landscape and develop a precise set of benefits that are tailored to your particular employee’s needs. Benefits should not be viewed in terms of their costs, but in terms of the value they bring to your talent management efforts.

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