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Pete Smith

Leadership Coach & Founder, SmithImpact

Pete Smith Speaker, management teacher and leadership coach Pete Smith knows how to make a positive impact. With his unwavering belief that meaningful leadership “starts with you, but it’s not about you,” Pete uses humor, candor and tact to deliver relevant, insightful and poignant messages on the power of inspiring leadership. His applications-based messages leave people feeling empowered and determined to achieve higher levels of excellence in their personal and professional lives.

As a personal and leadership development teacher, as well as a certified motivational coach, Pete Smith works with business owners and managers on turning potential into performance. During his17 years of management experience in a variety of industries, Pete led teams that were consistently recognized as being among the best in the country. Tapping into the potential of each employee was a huge reason for his success, and he shares this insight with you during this training.

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Kicks, Keeps and Karats: A Manager's Guide to Motivate Employees

If a manager could elevate the motivation level of each individual employee, imagine what that would equate to in terms of performance and production. Most managers recognize this and they want to motivate their staff. Yet survey after survey indicates that employees are operating with lower levels of motivation and higher levels of disengagement. In a sense, even with their best efforts to motivate the staff, managers are getting inconsistent, if not disappointing, results. What if that didn't have to be that way?

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